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The distribution of satellite signals via fiber optic cables offers technical and economic advantages, especially for larger distances / distribution networks and a large variety of programmes. In addition to the high data capacity and the almost loss-free signal transmission, the quick installation and reliability of pre-assembled fiber optic cables play a decisive role.

The POLYTRON system with CWDM technique

TThe optical transmission system from POLYTRON is based on a Sat-IF / optic converter and optic / Sat-IF converters. The satellite signals are received via a conventional Quad or Quattro LNB.
The optical system from POLYTRON uses the proven CWDM technology for the transmission of the SAT IF levels. Each SAT IF level is assigned a fixed optical wavelength and the signal is made available at an optical output.

The fixed assignment of the individual levels allows to distribute signals without frequency shift in the SAT IF levels, especially in frequency ranges above 2000 MHz that are difficult to control.
All components of the POLYTRON system are equipped with SC / APC connections. This means that the preconfigured patch cables and passive distribution components can be installed quickly and easily.
As the system works with conventional LNBs, it is easy to convert existing systems to optical systems.