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Outlets with safety claws for fast and safe mounting

POLYTRON PODOPOLYTRON's new antenna sockets - the PODO series - ensure best connection for reliable and high quality distribution systems.

  • Reliable transmission: CuBe-contacts feature lowest transition resistance.
  • Universal fixing fits in 55 mm flush mount sockets. With screw and claw fixing. Mounting depth only 21.5 mm.
  • Plug-in clamp for inner conductor.
  • Safety claw is sunk 100% for fast and safe mounting. Pushed out, it guarantees a safe and centered hold.
    The socket pulls itself onto the wall.
  • Support ring made of die-cast zinc.
  • Screw clamp is captive. Hinge lockable.
  • Extended F-connector
  • Easy installation of coaxial cables‚ with F-connector.


PODO Universal sockets

PODO SAT sockets