QAM 16 EM, QAM 12 EM, QAM 8 EM, PCU 4000 series, PCU 8000 series, QAM 4-S, QAM 4 CI-S, QAM 4 CI-TC, COF 4-S, COF 4 CI-S, COF 4 CI-TC

To connect your PC/Laptop with the QAM or COF headend, please use a USB cable.

Please read the operating manual first.
Follow the instructions in the operating manual about connection of your PC/Laptop to the headend, and how to program the compact headends.

Programming software / software update QAM 16, QAM 12, QAM 8, PCU 4000 series, PCU 8000 series, QAM 4 ‒ Version 1.74 10/22/2018


Programming software SPM 2000/1000 telecontrol

Download programming software SPM 2000/1000 telecontrol, V1.40 08/30/2018

Firmware update SPM 2000 / SPM 200 digi
Update via USB stick. Please read operation manual about updating firmware.
Please read the software overview to find out the minimum required software version for controlling a module.

Download software overview

Download SPM 2000 / SPM 200 digi firmware version E.7 (04/04/2018)

Digital modules
Update the modules to the latest firmware version offered here. Download and store the file onto your PC first and transfer the software to your headend via a serial POLYTRON cable (article no.7466610) or via USB.
The cable for SPM-DQT, article no. 7466611

Important notes:
Some features as e.g. switching off the 16:9 function will only be supported with the base unit's software version B.5 or newer.
We recommend to update the base unit to software version B.5. or newer.
If the base unit has an older software version, for example SP2.3 you have to order a new control unit in order to be able to update the base unit.

Software overview SPM modules

Firmware-Update SPM-H4TCT, V1.06 (08/30/2018)

Firmware update SPM-STCT-CI, V1.03 (04/04/2018)

Firmware update SPM-PSTI / SPM-PTTI / SPM-PST# / SPM-PTT# ; V1.12, 04/16/2014

Firmware update SPM-S2AVT / SPM-T2AVT / SPM-T2C-AVT V1.12 ; 04/05/2016

Firmware update SPM-S2T V0725

Firmware update SPM-S2C V04.01

Firmware update SPM-S2CT V1.06 (07/08/2015)

Firmware update SPM-T2CT V1.26 (07/08/2015)

Firmware update SPM-UTCT V1.07 (06/23/2017)

CAM / Card compatibility list SPM modules

AV connection cable overview


Update base unit SPM 1000 digi / plus / telecontrol

The software version of the base unit has to match to the appropriate software version of the modules. Otherwise a proper operation of the modules is not possible. Please pay attention to the specifications in the software matrix PDF.

To update the base unit's software, the EPROM has to be replaced. How to order a new EPROM:

EPROM SPM 1000 plus: Article no. 9285220
EPROM SPM 1000 digi: Article no. 9285230
EPROM SPM 1000 telecontrol: Article no. 9285240

Here you will find the latest software version for programming the TSM 1000 HD-C.

Please read the operating manual first before you connect your PC/Laptop to the TSM. The operating manual is contained in the zip file.
Use a standard USB cable to connect your PC/Laptop to the TSM 1000 HD-C.

Download programming software TSM 1000 HD-C

If you need the USB driver for proper connection, please download the driver with the link below.

USB driver TSM 1000 HD-C


Please pay attention to the operating manual before updating the DPM's firmware. Download and store the file onto your PC and transfer the software to your headend via the serial POLYTRON cable article no.7466610

Operating manual software update

Update DPM 800 for all modules V 2.15

CAM / Card compatibility list


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