The HDMI Streamer HDM 1 IP converts HDMI signals from cameras, set-top boxes, DVD players or other HDMI sources into an IP stream. The device supports various IP functionalities in the output. For IPTV applications, a UDP multicast signal can be generated in the output or an HDMI source can be activated in the local network using HLS unicast.

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The TSM 32 HD SAT converter converts SAT signals from 4 inputs to frequencies in the range of 290...2340 MHz. Every desired DVB-S/S2 SAT transponder is converted from its original frequency position into a freely selectable frequency grid. Unwanted transponders are no longer included in the output signal.

Image: The compact SAT IF converter sets 32 digital SAT transponders into a new output frequency, so that all desired transponders can be fed in one IF layer.

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The IP Modulator HDI 2 multi converts IP signals from streamers, security cameras or other IP sources into a maximum of 2 adjacent digital output channels in the formats DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-C Annex B or ISDB-T. The device supports the reception of SPTS or MPTS signals.

  • build-in Onvif camera control

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Multiplexing Compact Headends with 8 Triple Tuners and 4 CI ports

The multiplexing headends PXU 848 C and PXU 848 T convert the content of eight SAT, terrestrial or cable network channels into DVB-C (QAM) or DVB-T (COFDM). The multiplexing function allows to create new output channels with content from different input channels..

PCU 848 C - Conversion into DVB-C (QAM)     PCU 848 T - Conversion into DVB-T (COFDM)


With web based control

POLYTRON’s switch matrix ESM 1716 flexibly supplies SAT IF and terrestrial signals to signal processing and distribution systems, monitoring and recording systems as well as test stations.
The web based control of the switch matrix allows easy and quick adaption of the output signal to changed requirements. The input distribution of the switch matrix remains unchanged.
The switching matrix features 16 satellite inputs and a terrestrial input. The selected polarization levels are available at 16 outputs.

  • Made in Germany
  • version with redundant power supply available: ESM 1716 WEB RS (Article no. 5552286)
  • version without webbrowser functionality for a fix multiswitch operation available: ESM 1716 FX (Article no. 5552290

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The IPTV compact headend PCU 4131 converts DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C signals into IP streams. The integrated CI slots allow the central decryption of the received contents. The signal fed into the IP network is available for all subscribers of the network and can be received directly by PC with appropriate software, IPTV capable TV sets or set-top boxes supporting the “DVB-IPTV” standard.

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PCU 8130

The IPTV compact headend PCU 8130 converts DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C signals into IP streams. The output signal is available for all subscribers of the IP network and can be received directly by PCs with appropriate software, IPTV capable TV sets or set-top boxes supporting the "DVB-IPTV" standard.

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The modulator HDM 1 multi converts a HDMI signal into a DVB-T/-C / DTMB or ATSC-T/-C channel. The HDMI input supports all video resolutions up to 1080/60p.

A loop-through input is available for connection with external signal sources. The device is flexible and can process HDMI signals from receivers, computers, cameras, DVD players and many other devices. The modulator is operated with the supplied plug-in power supply unit.

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The POLYTRON SCA 508-4 supplies up to 32 subscribers with satellite channels based on the SCR system (Satellite Channel Router).
The subscribers receive four satellite IF levels and thus the complete program variety available. Each of the eight subscriber outputs serves four user bands for SCR applications according to EN 50494.
Each output can be switched to universal mode for operation of standard digital SAT receivers (DVB-S/S2).
The device can be used as a stand-alone or cascade module.

  • Operation with Quattro or optionally with wideband LNBs

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In addition to the right planning, the most important quality factor in the construction of multi-switch systems is reliable components. To ensure best quality and highest reliability, POLYTRON's PSQ multi-switches are manufactured in Germany.

The PSQ multiswitch series contains high quality 5, 9, 13 and 17 single and cascade multiswitches as well as matching amplifiers. The POLYTRON multiswitches can be used to realize powerful and flexible satellite-based reception and distribution systems.

The devices convince with their technical data, e.g. with high isolations of the lines and with a low energy consumption of the switching power supplies.

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