POLYTRON OPM-QTSThe con­verter OPM-QTS is a terminal station of the fibre-optic network which converts the light-wave signal back into the original satellite signal with terrestrial signal.

The OPM-QTS quattro converter gives out the four sat levels:  HH, VH, HL, VL and a terrestrial signal, which allows for the direct connection to a multiswitch system.

The converter can be powered by the connected receivers, as well as by the multiwitch system. Alternatively, a 20 V DC power supply can assure the necessary power.

  • converts the optical signal back to the satellite level without loss of quality
  • for connection to a multiswitch system
  • powered, optionally via the attached devices or a separate 20 V DC power supply
  • FC/PC connectors
Typ / Type
Artikel-Nr. / Article no.
Eingangsfrequenz SAT / Input frequency SAT
0,95–5,45 GHz (gestapelt / stacked)
Eingangsfrequenz TERR / Input frequency TERR
88–108 / 174–240 / 470–862 MHz
Eingangsleistung / Input gain
-15...0 dBm
Anschlüsse Eingang / Connectors input
Ausgang / Outputs
Multischalter / Multiswitch
Ausgangsfrequenz / Output frequency
1x HH, 1x VH, 1x HL, 1x VL, 1x TERR.
Ausgangspegel / Output level
75 dBµV
Anschlüsse Ausgang / Output connectors
F-Stecker / F-plug
Stromversorgung / Power supply
ext. Netzteil / ext. PSU 10–20 VDC
Stromaufnahme / Power consumption
210 mA @ 10 V