POLYTRON OPM-LNB 032The optical LNB OPM-LNB converts the received satellite signal into optical signals. Each SAT level is stacked one after another and is converted to the 950 MHz - 5.45 GHz frequency range. The newly created frequency band is then transmitted via an optical wavelength of 1310 nm.

The optical signal distribution occurs over a single single-mode fibre optic cable.
The LNB is powered via coax cable by the external 12 V power supply which has an F-connector.

  • converts four SAT levels into an optical output signal
  • 40 mm feed-horn
  • power supply included in delivery
  • FC/PC connection

OPM-LNB 32: distribution for up to 32 fibre to SAT converters, + 7dBm performance
OPM-LNB 64: distribution for up to 64 fibre to SAT converters, +10 dBm performance

Typ / TypeTyp / Type
Artikel-Nr. / Article no.
Input frequency
10,7...12,75 GHz
Frequency range Vertical:
0,95...3,0 GHz (stacked)
Frequency range Horizontal:
3,4...5,45 GHz (stacked)
Optischer Ausgang / Optical output
Wellenlänge Laser
Wavelength laser
1310 nm
1310 nm (HQ type laser)
Ausgangsleistung / Output power
+7 dBm typ.
+8,5 dBm typ.
Rauschmaß / Noise level
0,7 dB typ.
Verstärkung / Gain
72 dB max.
Verstärkungsänderung über die Temperatur / Gain variation over temperature
±2 dB
Arbeitstemperaturbereich / Operating temperature range
-30...+60 °C
Power Supply
12 VDC (F-Stecker / F-type connector)